What To Expect

Armada Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


We wear the gi in most of our classes. The belt is typically tied with the black bar facing the left. If you have a uniform from a 3rd party, we ask that you have our patch sown onto the uniform. Please make sure that your uniform is washed between uses.


When stepping onto the mat, it is proper practice to bow and then greet your classmates and instructors. Please give the instructor the floor while they are teaching. Shake hands before grappling with your training partner, and make room for upper belts when grappling. Above all: show respect to your instructors and training partners.


In order to keep a sanitary training environment, we ask that all students come to class without any foul odors. Please enter the mat with clean feet. In regards to the safety of our classmates and training partners, please maintained trimmed finger and toenails.

Armada Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Warm Ups

Our classes begins with a warm up that is designed to get you accustomed to how to move on the mat. They aid in the development of cardio, endurance, and mobility. The warm up phase is composed of basic exercises such as shrimping, bear crawls, push-ups, and bridges.


After the warm up, we get into the drilling portion of the class. During this time, the instructor will demonstrate the techniques of the day, and then the students will get the opportunity to practice them with the aid of the instructor.


We finish up the class with sparring, commonly known as “rolling.” This is the part where we get to apply what we’ve learned by the means of grappling with our training partners. All grappling is done in a respectful manner under the super vision of the instructor.

Free Introductory Class

We’re so confident that you’ll enjoy both the process and the results that we’ll give you a free introductory class to try it out!